Creative Non-fiction !

The sun is at its highest point, the water sparkling with bright blue light. The wind twirls around me, as my feet sink in the hot sand. I am walking towards the ocean, disturbing the calm water as I dive in. The water surrounds me, absorbs me in. At this moment, I am at peace. I am one with the water, the salt and the sand, and everything is okay. All my problems are washed away with the tide. It’s just me and the ocean, just me and my childhood together, again. It’s hard to describe such memories, when for the most part you just felt them. The ocean, the waves, the sand, the sun, the water, the world deep beneath the surface that no human truly understands, everything about it just connects with me. A part of me grew up with the ocean, it’s where I learned to swim, and grew familiar with all the small creatures that live near the shore.

Moving here to the states, I lived in West Seattle and was lucky enough to live by a beach. For the public it was called Alki beach, but for me it was the place where I used to go to find something within me. Summer in Seattle is a beautiful sight, for whatever fair share amount of time we get. But, it’s the most obvious time to go beach, it gets too crowded, too occupied by people. One can’t even find that silence inside, forget about outside. I went there whenever, no season time for me, I would say I shared my decisions with and on that beach. It was the thought process that kept dragging me to it. I treasured those precious days I had with myself and my family on the beach, days of pure happiness. It was the perfect combo for me, loved growing up in the city, and had the privilege of a beach. Just something about those walks at the beach captured me and made me yearn for more.

Many of my best school memories are centered on the shores. Surrounded by all my favorite people and things, there was never a dull moment. Though looking back it seems like we spent every waking moment on the beach and in the water, we also played games, or just hung out and talked while sitting, looking out at a beautiful beach sunset. For me the best part would be the waves. During weekends, my friends would be too scared to go near the big ones, preferring to stay near the shore. But as for me, the daredevil, I looked down upon the wimpy waves, wanting only the big ones that can only be found in deeper water. But my silent side, enjoyed staying on shore, amazed at how the calm and peaceful ocean of the daytime could turn into such a monster. But the next morning, the sound of the calm waves crashing on the sandy shore greeted me as I first opened my eyes to the new day in paradise. The peaceful water I knew and loved had returned, waiting for me to go back in.

Even the not so great things at the beach will grow on a person. For instance, the fact that sand gets everywhere may bother some people, but not me. And not just the places you would expect it to be, it’s everywhere. Even when you try so hard not to touch the sandy ocean floor, it gets in your shorts, the couch, the bed, and the floor. It just seems to follow you in the house, despite the many rugs attempting the stop the sand at the front door. But while at any beach, you come to expect it. I not only came to live with sleeping with sand, but I also started to like it. This part actually reminded me of back home in India. I used to take these power naps on the terrace of my house. It was the same environment, just hotter, around 95 degree for most part. You get one of these cots, and lie down on a lazy Sunday, with nothing to worry about. With the blazing sun, pouring rays on your face. Maybe that’s what I tried to find here in Seattle, this beach reminded me of back home. I tried to replace the terrace with the beach in my mind, but with same feelings. But I could think more here, and that’s because there is less pollution.

I would also go for jogs here, the shore alongside spreads about couple of miles and I would be one of several evening joggers. I remember after school I would just rush home, drop my backpack and go play on the beach with my younger brother. Throw football around, play whiffle ball with our neighbors. Competition use to get stiff during the weekends because that’s when the crowd comes out. More kids come to play and it’s one of the best spots for tourists to picnic. The view is so spectacular and wide spread you can see as far as you can see without having to tiptoe over a crowd of people just to see what’s going on around you. Having the view of seagulls flying around you as they chirp their favorite melody’s, and hearing families play games, and acting silly while playing in the water together having a good time laughing it up, and you can clearly see that they enjoy each other’s company.

The smell of all different kinds of aromas’ floating in the air just makes you so hungry that you feel like you could eat a horse. The smell of cooked shrimp, burgers, fries, hotdogs, and boiled peanuts sound pretty tasty to me, and to top it off with ice cream for a desert at the end of the pier sounds very lovely. The night time on the beach for me was one my favorite time to be, because the way the moon shines it’s beam of light down on the ocean just makes it sparkle, and the movement of the waves crashing along in every direction as far as you can see makes the ocean a beautiful place.

The ocean is such a big place it never ends, people go there to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells that it has to offer. The beach has helped me calm my nerves, I felt relaxed there, and help me lose my train of thought, so that nothing in this world could ever faze me. The beach has become a pivotal part of my life, and it will always be a piece of me for the rest of my life. I will never forget all the wonderful experiences that I have had there, how can I, after all it’s my favorite place in the world.





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